Spending the Summer Outdoors
Darci Bell

The summer can be a great time to get outside and be active with family and friendsRead on for some of our favorite, low-cost ways to enjoy the sunshine and nature, plus a few additional ways that you can beat the heat. 

Use your local resources! 

Local recreation departments and parks have many budget-friendly options for you and your family to get physically active. Whether you are planning a day trip or a simple evening out, you can normally find space for everyone’s favorite activity.  

Here are some resources that your local park may have available to you:  

  • Courts for basketball and tennis- Check with the park first to find out if you need to bring your own equipment or if they will have it available to you!  
  • Trails for walking and running- Most parks have paths for you to walk and chat with friends or take a jog to get your heart rate up. For a more relaxing stroll, check out this blog for tips on how to take a mindful walk.  
  • Open green space- The possibilities are endless with an open field. Throwing a frisbee, playing baseball or flag football, or flying a kite are just a few activities that the whole family can enjoy.  
  • Playground equipment- Taking kids to the playground can be an easy way to keep physical activity new and exciting.  

multigenerational african american family playing basketball

Plant and tend to a garden! 

Gardening can be a rewarding summer pastime and a chance to get outdoors and move. UGA SNAP-Ed has existing blogs that can help you learn how to use your green thumb.  

  • Did you know you can save money by regrowing vegetables from your leftover produce? Click here to learn more about how to grow your own potatoes, carrots, onions, and more!  
  • Our guide to herbs blog can help you discover how to use the herbs you grow in a variety of dishes!  
  • You might find yourself with extra food scraps or yard waste while gardening. If this is the case, our blog on The Basics of Composting may be helpful to you.  

senior african american couple planting a garden together

Get creative at home! 

You may not have to go far to find ways to exercise this summer. Check out these low-cost (or free) options for staying active at home:  

  • A small purchase of sidewalk chalk at the beginning of the summer can lead to hopscotch competitions, tic tac toe, and art shows for miles.  
  • Finish your chores and get in a workout by washing the car. 
  • Set up an obstacle course in the backyard with items that you have around the house. If you really want to get competitive, time each person to see how long it takes for them to complete the challenge!  

For more ideas on summer activities for the whole family, check out our blog on Summer Nights at Home 

close up of a child playing hopscotch

Have fun with hydration!  

Staying hydrated is important, especially when exercising during the summer. If you are looking for an easy way to make drinking water fun for everyone, we recommend trying out some of our infused water recipes! Learn more about the benefits of water and 10 tricks to stay hydrated this summer.  

Lime Cucumber Berry water

Cool off with a frozen treat! 

Looking for the perfect icy treat for those hot summer days? Our Berry Popsicles have only 4 ingredients making them super easy to prepare. If you don’t have strawberries, you can swap them out for other summer fruits like peaches and pineapple, and other berries.  

strawberry popsicle sitting on a bed of fresh strawberries

Staying physically active promotes a healthy heart, body, and mind for us all. [1] If you want to know more about the recommended amount of exercise you should be getting, check out Choices in Activity and Overcoming Barriers.  

See you outside!  


Written by Darci Bell, RDN, LD | Edited by Leslie Davis, RDN, LD, CDES, and the Nutrition Education Team 

Posted on: May 24, 2021 

[1] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services